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The Finest College Wood Locker Systems

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Prozone is the ideal solution for team locker rooms, arenas, stadiums, field houses and clubhouses

Highest Professional Standards

Not only do we provide high quality unique, classic and modern wood lockers featuring Air-Flow locker design, but we make the entire process pleasant, stress-free, always delivering on-budget, on-time.

Wood Locker Project Management

We work closely with all of our college clients to ensure every phase of their custom wood locker project is on schedule and can adapt to any special needs or circumstances at any stage of the project. Design, engineering, construction and installation.

Our Promise to You

Prozone will not rest until we have delivered lockers that are exactly as specified, insuring that they meet your needs in upgrading and improving your sports facility.

Building a Custom College Locker Room – Every Step of the Way

Prozone works collaboratively with our professional, college, university, Architect, and designer clients to design, build and install custom wood lockers that everyone will be proud of. Learn more about the Prozone Custom Locker Process.

Locker Specifications from Coaches and Athletic Directors

The Coaches provide the most practical knowledge about locker function requirements. After all, what good are beautifully crafted wood lockers if they are not fully functional? Because college coaches are often former players, they know what athletes look for in a wood locker. Interacting directly with coaching staffs allows Prozone to quickly and accurately incorporate every idea they have directly into their college wood locker design.

Engaging Facility Managers

We appreciate the unique role of the college sports facility manager and believe it is worth the time and effort to engage them from the beginning of the locker design process. We often send a custom wood locker sample to the facility manager so they can see how it looks in their space. Once they see, touch, open and sit in the sample wood locker we will to earn their complete confidence and enthusiasm. Our relationship with facility managers is second to none. We enjoy answering questions and welcome feedback from the people with hands-on familiarity of the college and university sports environment.

Custom Locker Room Design Architects

Providing an architect with the information they need to specify and create college wood lockers is essential to a truly spectacular locker room design. We will work with the college or university’s architect to provide CAD drawings, locker specifications or suggestions based on previous projects. We welcome and support open relationships with the architects throughout every step of the design process.

Coordinating with Construction Companies and Contractors

Prozone will work with the college or university’s construction company or contractors, big or small. Our team members are prepared to meet strict deadlines with a proven track record of helping to wood locker projects on time and on budget.

Innovative Locker Solutions

College and University wood sports lockers are no longer an afterthought or merely something built in a garage. Prozone has gone far beyond adapting to the ever-changing competitive environment of collegiate sports to provide custom wood lockers that add value for many years to come. Our exclusive designs and Air Flow locker options are often copied, but never truly duplicated. We take great pride in the ongoing design, development and manufacturing of quality wood lockers that are more like fine furniture for the locker room. We are dedicated to work closely with coaches every day to continue to develop the industry’s best sports storage solution in the industry.

Thinking Outside the Box

Creating unique, functional and aesthetically pleasing designs that are different from what you envision as a standard college sports locker. We don’t believe a football locker is the same as a hockey locker. Prozone has created unique storage space and locker components that make sense according to the specific needs of each sport. Explore the Many Locker Options airflow design dries equipment faster, maintaining the quality of the wood and reducing mold that cause that “locker room smell”. Ready to begin planning your new college locker room?