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Wood Lockers of Cherry Construction

Custom cherry wood lockers designed in budget an on time

Prozone has the ability to provider new wood lockers from the wood specie of your choice. If you don’t see the wood specie you are looking for, just ask, we can get it for you. See below for information on wood lockers of cherry construction.


Cherry has a fine uniform, straight grain, and smooth texture. Cherry is easy to machine and stain.


Cherry comes from the Rose family. the heartwood of cherry varies from rich red to reddish brown and will darken with age, especially when exposed to light.

Where It Grows

Mid-western and Eastern United States

Main Uses

Cherry Wood lockers, fine furniture, flooring, flooring, kitchen cabinets, moldings, millwork, paneling, doors.

Physical Properties

Cherry wood is of medium density. Good bending properties, low stiffness, medium strength and shock resistance.


Cherry is widely available.

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